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is an ease and convenient way to learn traffic rules in shortest time and get yourself prepared for the NTSA test

Download Free Version and get access to a complete
NTSA guide on traffic rules

Learn Traffic Rules

0.00 KES
  • 3 ticket
  • 60 questions
  • Traffic rules
  • Traffic signs
  • Examination mode
  • Statistics
  • All updates
250 KES
  • 30 tickets
  • 600+ questions
  • Traffic rules
  • Traffic signs
  • Examination mode
  • Statistics
  • All updates
  • Real Traffic Situations
  • Illustrated Questions Based on NSTA Highway Code
  • Detailed Comment on Each Question and Answer
  • Convenient Interface and Ease Navigation
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Premium Version
  • Complete
    set with 600+ questions
  • Examination Mode
  • Statistics
Get Yourself Prepared for the NTSA Test
Main screen
- On the main page you can choose preferable learning mode.
- You can also access NTSA Highway Code and Handbook.
- All marked questions will be reflected in Bookmarks.
Learning mode
- You can choose to learn by topics or tickets
- You can also study all questions one by one
- You can see correct answers to each question and use the links to traffic rules for better comprehension.
Exam mode
- You are given 20 questions and 20 minutes to accomplish the test.
- It is allowed to make only 2 mistakes to pass the test successfully.
- You can examine yourself by tickets or run a random test.
Learning mode
- Each question is a test with only correct answer.
- Tap your answers to see if it is correct.
- Use the link in comment to see the article in traffic rules.
- You can see your results and monitor your progress in Statistics Mode.
- It is recommended to keep your performance on 100% correct answers to increase your confidence in safe driving.
Users’ Reviews
Media About Us
David Koinet
You see the picture, you read the question, you chose the answer and instantly can see if you are right or wrong. More of that you can see why - just tap on the link in comment and you will see the exact traffic rule in the Ntsa Highway Code! And yes - it’s offline, ukisha download hauhitaji bundles!
Catherine Namunyak
Wow it really looks like Nairobi CBD :) Nice pics and the test is a good idea, kwanza kwa comments and links. Well done!
Phoebe Kipsang
Passing first 20 questions wasn’t easy))) Nimeendesha gari for 10 years and didn’t know I was breaking the rules all the time) Now I know how to save some tips on soda ya hao karao wa traffic !)))
Charles Gitonga
Whaaat? 1500Ksh for the app? Are you kidding me? I paid 14k for the driving school last month and failed my ntsa test twice before I got my DL >< Somebody take me back nirudishiwe pesa zangu!!!)))
Ernest Elliot
This App is a must before you start driving a car!

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